Providing business opportunities in the UK contracting market.

Calling all business professionals...

Compass Star provides a wide range of new business opportunities in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Who Are We?

Compass Star Limited (“Compass”) is a corporate services company providing business opportunities in the UK contracting market.

Our Story

Compass is a new company. Offers a wide range of services, solutions and opportunities to the business community, to supply services in the UK as part of a network of small contracting businesses.

Our approach to business is straight-forward and above all, we provide a personable approach to all our business dealings. We believe that relationships prosper when they are based on confidence and mutual trust. We encourage transparency in our relationships which allows us to identify, understand and nurture the uniqueness of each opportunity and tailor our services accordingly.

Money Laundering

We have a strong commitment to anti money laundering procedures together with corporate governance. All our professionals will be risk assessed and we require valid forms of identity.

Our Core Services

Through our business contacts, we have been able to identify an immediate opportunity in the UK contracting industry. The UK has a need for business professionals to operate small start-up contracting businesses in an expanded outsourced labour market.

Our experienced staff are able to identify professionals who wish to take advantage of this new and exciting opportunity. Through access to a wide-range of highly skilled UK professionals, we are able to identify the most appropriate opportunity for each candidate which can help maximise profitability and deliver customer satisfaction.

We are also able to identify UK agents who will be able to assist with the following;

IT Solutions

UK Taxation Services

Company Formation Agents



Introductions to skilled contractors and potential customers

All of which will ensure that a small business can remain compliant with all regulatory aspects of the vibrant UK labour market.

Key Benefits

New source of additional income

Company Director Status

Opportunity to improve business management skills

Opportunity to be part of the vibrant UK contracting industry

Access to UK professional network of business advisors

Ability to outsource to lowest common denominator resulting in cost reduction

Professional Approach Backed by UK agents who will ensure regulatory compliance

Common approach to outsourcing – we understand the market in which we operate

Standardisation to invoicing and communications

It is likely that demand for our services will be high. Therefore, it is important that you act quickly.

Get in Touch

We are always happy to discuss potential opportunities and how we can assist. If you are a business professional looking for an opportunity or a UK contracting business looking to outsource, why not get in touch: